All of our business partners love Steps, and we cannot wait for your business to be added to our platform. Let’s Step up in life an change the way the world shops… Forever.

Here at Steps, we strive to connect not only with our users, but with our businesses as well. What we offer is the opportunity for any business to be featured on the application, giving them full control on what deals they want to showcase, as well as allowing them to select the number of steps necessary for their deal to be redeemed.


Coupon Preview

Once a business shows interest in being on the application, their deal will be placed in one of four categories: food, products, services, or classes, this will allow users to find the deal with more ease, thereby increasing exposure for each business, increasing their sales. Best part is: No set up is needed, and QR codes are the way we do it. We mail you a QR code sticker to put in your store, and you’re good to go.


Below you will find a link that allows you to be a part of the Steps family, and join many other businesses that have chosen us, and have made a Step in the right direction.

StepHub Crown
199.99 every month 249.99 every month

-Per location

-Access to ALL steps points systems

-26 customizable push notifications (contact support to learn how)

StepHub Elite
79.99 every month 99.99 every month

-Per location

-Access to 10,000-25,000 steps points systems

-5 push notifications per year


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